Chapter 13

To honor our fallen brothers, may you forever ride in our hearts and guide us on our travels.

In memory of our founding father.
Ernest "Tex" Bryant
and the brothers we've lost over the years.
Shell Thuett Ed "Iron Man" Kretz Sr. - Ted Evans, Ernie Roccio - Wino Willie - Johnny Roccio - Ray Bryant
Jack Horn - Jim Kelley - Kenny Hylander - Arden Van Sycle - Elmo Looper - Floyd Emde - John Cameron

Joe "Hoss" Frandsen, CH-6

Mark "Buddha" Metz, CH-5

Mike "Hardrive" Allee
National VP Ret., CH-4

"Wild" Bill McCready, CH-5

George "Buddha" Schmitt, CH-7

Kevin "Wizard" Humble, CH-5

Stephen "Hedgehog" Szoke, CH-4