13 REBELS Motorcycle Club is a historic American Motorcycle Association (A.M.A.) sanctioned Motorcycle Club. Founded in 1937 by the 13 top A.M.A. motorcycle racers in Southern California, the 13 REBELS M.C. strives to carry on the spirit and tradition of the original founders of this club. The 13 REBELS is a law abiding family oriented motorcycle club. The members of our club are required to obey all local, state, and federal laws of the United States of America. The members of this club are required to seek a peaceful coexistence with all other clubs. The members of this club shall also respect all other clubs, citizens, and law enforcement agencies that respect us. We seek no enemies and claim no territory.

Mission Statement
To carry on the brotherhood, camaraderie, enjoyment and fun of belonging to one of the oldest and most historic Motorcycle Clubs in existence. To support the ideals that a historic Motorcycle Club should adhere to the following basic principles:

  • No Drugs
  • No Crimes
  • No Intimidation
  • Support our Military
  • Support our Community
  • Support our Brotherhood
  • Have a Good Time

  • Motto: "Not to bully the weak. Not to fear the powerful."

    Code of Conduct

    1) 13 REBELS will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Obey and support all state, local, and federal laws of our country. Be prepared to defend ourselves and our families against any groups or individuals who do otherwise.

    2) 13 REBELS will not support any groups or causes that support criminal activity or terrorism in any way.

    3) 13 REBELS will support our military men and women regardless of the prevailing political sentiment of our fellow citizens or the psychobabble that is dispensed daily from our media and countless politicians.

    4) 13 REBELS will not sell drugs or commit crimes. Any 13 REBEL convicted of selling drugs will be expelled from the club. Any 13 REBEL convicted of committing any other crime may be expelled from the club pending chapter review.

    5) 13 REBELS will not support or answer to any other clubs: however 13 REBELS will respect any clubs that extend the hand of friendship.

    6) 13 REBELS join of their own free will and are welcome to leave in the same way.

    7) 13 REBELS claim NO territory.

    8) 13 REBELS will use our strong networking capabilities as well as every tool available to our brotherhood to help our brothers or their families when they are in need.

    9) 13 REBELS will strive to make the community better, not create fear and intimidate citizens. 13 REBELS will respect citizens at all times. Any 13 REBEL using the club to threaten citizens will be expelled from the club.

    10) 13 REBELS will have fun!